Detox Clay Mask Powder
Detox Clay Mask Powder
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Detox Clay Mask Powder

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Detox Clay Hair Mask Powder

Are you ready to detoxify, lift oils and product build-up, naturally and without stripping your hair of its natural oils? 

Meet the detox clay hair mask powder, which contains three different clays, activated charcoal, and Ayurvedic herbs. This clay mask acts as an antibacterial, it detoxifies (toxins removal) and lifts oils and product build-up from your scalp and hair, without stripping your hair of its natural oils. In addition, it deposits moisturise back into the hair. 

Ingredients: bentonite clay, rhassoul clay, kaolin, neem powder, aritha powder, shikakai powder, & activated charcoal. 


Benefits of powder used:

Bentonite clay: It moisturises, conditions, softens, reduces frizz, and encourages hair growth, curl definition, and shine.

Rhassoul clay: It helps to treat scalp conditions, aids in detangling, improves hair elasticity, clears clogged pores, and reduces dryness, flakiness, and frizz.

Kaolin clay: It helps to strengthen hair strands, removes dirt from the scalp, improves hair elasticity, helps to repair damaged hair, soothes the scalp, and helps to treat dandruff. Read more: 

Neem powder: It has antifungal properties, which is great for scalp conditions such as dandruff, dry scalp, and scalp itching. Read more: 

Aritha powder: It is a natural cleanser with large amount of saponins, which kills life living on the scalp, helps to treat scalp conditions, makes detangling easier, and makes the hair stronger, healthier, shiner, silky, voluminous, lustrous, and smoother. Read more: 

Shikakai powder: It is used as a natural surfactant and a pH balanced cleanser, to cleanse the scalp, strengthen the hair from the roots, make the hair softer and shinier, remove smell from the hair, provide scalp relief and a cooling effect, and remove itchiness, flakiness, and greasiness from the scalp. Read more: 

Activated charcoal: It helps to cleanse build-up of dust, dirt, oil, and sebum from the scalp. This leaves the scalp free of impurities thus promoting hair growth. 


How to use?

Put the desired amount of clay for your hair length in a bowl. Slowly add warm/hot distilled water and/or apple cider vinegar, and mix well until you achieve your desired consistency. Apply the clay to the scalp and hair strands to cleanse your hair. Let the clay sit on your hair for 20 to 30 minutes, rinse/wash your hair, and style it. Alternatively use 1 tbsp of clay and add a liquid (rose water, aloe vera juice, or water) for facial application. Let it sit for no more than 10 minutes on your face (facial application).