Herbal Hair Tea for hair shedding 

This hair tea can be used as a hair rinse, leave-in hair spray/mist, final rinse or as a liquid in your DIY hair products. 

Benefits of horsetail: Silica is one of the most abundant compounds in horsetail, in fact it is the plant with the highest concentration of silica in the fauna world. Silica is essential because it forms collagen, which is a protein found in our bones, skin, and hair which provides strength. Silica delivers essential nutrients to the hair follicles which strengthen weak and damaged hair, prevent hair thinning, and provides sheen and body to the appearance of hair shafts. 

Benefits of sage: It has a high content of the 5-alpha reductase compound called beta sitosterol, which blocks DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and reduces hair loss in men. However, it is also beneficial for women as it helps to strengthen the hair strands and follicles.


*800 ml of warm/hot water 

*2 tbsps of horsetail

*1 tbsp of sage

All herbs mentioned can be brought directly from my website. Also, I can make you customised Ayurvedic hair tea blend with these herbs.

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