Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm

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Lemon balm also known as Melissa officinalis, has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, and astringents properties. This herb is perfect for people who suffer from excess sebum production, or oily hair and scalp.

Other benefits:

  • Combats oiliness
  • Balances the scalp
  • Soothes and relieves irritated scalp

Note: This is a completely natural product, therefore our lemon balm may vary in appearance and colour. However, this does not affect the overall quality of the product.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Suggested Use: Can be used in a variety of recipes, such as: hair growth oils, hair rinses, and hair spritz.

Important Note: The information provided is for educational and informational purposes only.


            For external use only.